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Our Professional Philosophy

Welcome to Heart Equine. Our goal is to educate and inform people about a different way to address chronic performance problems in horses. There are too many situations where these problems limit the experience between horse and rider and allow neither to reach their potential. By changing the protocol of care for our equine athletes we can often experience miraculous changes in a horse’s soundness and behavior.

The practice now consists of managing and rehabilitating equine athletes by using Western Sports Medicine combined with Animal Chiropractic techniques and Acupuncture. This integrated approach consists of dealing with both the actual injury and the entire horse. The latter being the key to fixing the underlying causes that are creating pathology and often preventing healing. Symptomatic treatment of injuries is too often treating compensation and does not provide the body with tools to heal itself. Horses were meant to be able to heal while in motion and stay off an injury without compensating the rest of the body.

By using techniques that restore optimal functioning of the body’s own nervous and musculoskeletal systems the horse is better able to manage his injury and allow for complete restorative healing to begin… Read More